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Important info and changes from last year!
Please read!! 

-No off ice- we changed our on ice session to an hour and a half- the last half hour will be all stickhandling and shooting in a small area which will take place of the off ice 

-This is a six week program- in previous years you could choose which weeks you wanted. This program is only offered as a 6 week package because of high demand and trying to keep low numbers on the ice this program is now only offered as a 6 week program (you cannot develop in one week, If you are serious about improving your skills 6 weeks is a minimum!) 

-The 2009/2008 Elite Group will sell out very quickly if you are interested in this program and your player is born in those years please register soon, that group will go quick 

-All payments will be done online

Program Details 

Smithfield Municipal Ice Arena 

Group 1- (2013s-2010s)

8:30am - 10am On Ice

Group 2- (2009s-2008s)

9:30am - 11am On Ice

Group 3- (2007s-2004s)

10:30am - 12pm On Ice

Week 1- July 7th + 9th 

Week 2- July 14th + 16th 

Week 3- July 21st + 23rd 

Week 4- July 28th + July 30th 

Week 5- Aug 4th + 6th

Week 6- Aug 11th - 13th 


20 Players Per Group

C2E Summer Skills Philosophy 

At C2E Hockey we like to focus on the skills that we believe have the most impact on a players development. By providing an atmosphere of advanced skill development balanced with fun and exciting new methods! This six week program is built for player development leading right into their season. Development and skill improvement is a long term process, “Rome wasn't built in a day.” Improvement comes when players continuously practice correct mechanics, posture, and technique. This program will deliver on this idea. Each session will include skating paired with a skill or group of skills. We want to build players with skill sets but first they must master each skill individually. All of my ideas are built from watching hours of NHL players doing fundamental skills and incorporating this to the youth and high school levels.

List of Skills we will cover in this Program:


  • Inside Edge

  • Outside Edge

  • Combine Edges 

  • Single Leg Edge

  • Mohawk

  • Edge Hold 

  • 8 types of turns: glide turn, split leg turn, cross over turn, punch turn, inside edge turn, mohawk turn, heel brake turn, rotation half turn

  • Pendulum Crossover technique 

  • Explosive outside edge crossover 

  • Downward force crossover

  • Lateral Crossover

  • Swing Crossover

  • Crossover hold

  • Stride Extension drag

  • Counter Balance Stride 

  • Stride Foot recovery 

  • Transitions and Pivots

  • Backwards Skating  

*Please feel free to call me anytime with questions or if you just want to talk hockey! 860-550-1187 

Limited Spaces!

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