One on one coaching is the most beneficial development method for technique, mechanics, and details that are specific for the individual player. Not all players are the same and some need special instruction in order to improve their game. Notice any skills session or practice, it is all about reps and drills that every player on the ice can do which is nothing specific for a player who needs help on correcting a certain mistake in their technique. During a private lesson it is a good time to correct things and have the player understand why they are doing things and how this can help their overall game.

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Private 1 on 1 Coaching

Private lessons 

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Group lessons are perfect for getting reps in that will help with a certain skill, ie shooting, stick- handling, puck protection, skating, ect. These sessions will offer more pace than a 1on1 but there will still be learning through specific movements, correcting technique, and more.

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Group Lessons

At Home Shooting/Stick-

Handling Lesson

Must have a hockey net and area for shooting/stick-handling. I will come to your home for this lesson. Great for helping with technique and correcting mechanics. This is a perfect way to get ahead of the competition quickly, by learning different shooting patterns that can transfer to game situations.  

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