Stefan Demopoulos: 

Played Division 1 hockey for Providence College and won a D1 National Championship in 2015. After that, he got right into coaching in the California youth hockey world under mentorship of the legendary Konstantin Lodnia. Konstantin is Russian development leader who has worked with a multitude of NHL superstars including Nakita Kucherov, Atemi Panarin, and many more. Stefan learned the top skill development techniques and then took his knowledge and passion to the East Coast to build C2E Hockey Development. Stefan is the Founder and Lead on ice instructor. Stefan currently runs multiple Prep School to Youth organizations skill sessions during their seasons. He has a passion for helping each student reach their goals in hockey and life by creating an environment where each player feels motivated and enjoys coming to the rink each day. Stefan's main philosophy stems from the idea of being a student of the game first and then coaching second. Stefan makes sure he is up to date with the top hockey development trends and technique to ensure his students will have the info and knowledge to continue their development in the right direction.