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2020 C2E Promo Video

Stefan Demopoulos

Playing Career

Stefan Demopoulos:

  • 20+ Years of Hockey Experience 

  • D1 College Hockey at Providence College

  • NCAA D1 National Champion in 2015

  • USHL Tier 1 Juniors: Omaha Lancers

  • HighSchool: Avon Old Farms Prep School

  • New England Championship 2008

  • Highschool: Shattuck St. Mary's 

  • AAA Hockey for Mid-Fairfield Blues in Southern Connecticut

Coaching Career

Stefan Demopoulos: 

  • C2E Hockey Founder/On Ice Instructor- 2018-Current

  • Elite Hockey Skills Coach 2018-Current

  • RI Saints Skills Coach 2018-Current

  • Andover Prep School Skills Coach 2018-Current 

  • SRI Rams Skills Coach- 2019-Current 

  • Cape Cod Hockey Skills Coach 2018-Current 

  • KHS Ice Dogs Hockey Coach Mites/Squirts 2016/2017

  • Poway High School Skills Coach 2015



I am a firm believer that hockey development is a long term approach that needs to be taught by using correct mechanics, technique, and hard work. This is why I run primarily small groups, one on one private lessons, and multiple- week skill sessions. 

I have a scientific approach to training through bio mechanics and NHL game analysis. By studying how NHL players move on the ice, make decisions, obtain scoring opportunities, and develop plays. I can help my students play at their highest level.

All of our drills and techniques are made for a purpose. We show players how to distribute their weight, use their edges for more than just skating, body rotational exercises, and much more! We believe that when players are taught correct mechanics and movements it is the quickest way for them to develop. Hockey is always evolving and changing, which means we are adaptive and receptive to these changes. This is a new wave of training that challenges players to excel. Check out our different hockey services we offer!

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